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Meet the winners of our #feelcloser2nature competition

Meet the winners of our recent #feelcloser2nature photo competition and hear what inspires them to get outside and just what it is that makes them feel that little bit closer to nature. 

November 21, 2021

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On our journey to find out what makes each and every one of you feel that little bit closer to nature we set up a competition where you could show us where you feel most connected to nature and why you love it. We we delighted and blown away by so many amazing entries which made picking our winner even more difficult. However, as a team we finally came our decision and we chose Caroline and Maaria's amazing photographs.

1st Place - To wander around and use every possibility to escape from the noise of your daily life. See the plants grow and become greener in the summer. Feel the change of the seasons from autumn to summertime! - Caroline, Austria

2nd Place - Hiking and exploring the wilderness at home and around the globe. Mount Cook in New Zealand was phenomenal! - Maaria, UK

Tell us a little bit about yourself

Where are you from + what are your interests?

Caroline: I come from a really stunning lake and mountain region in upper Austria, so I grew up surrounded by a lot of NATURE. My interest is to spend as much time as I can outside. Go hiking, running, biking or just for a walk. I always bring coffee/or tea along the way. That's my thing. My Instagram account is full of pictures from traveling and outside adventures. My instagram is @caroobodner.

Maaria: I'm originally from the south of England but I've moved across the UK during my career where I found a second home in Edinburgh. Although I moved back down south during the pandemic I hope I get back to Scotland soon!

I love travelling and I was lucky enough in 2018 to take a career break and travel across the world. I've also climbed Mount Kenya for charity and visited Central America to trek and do some charity work. Travelling has been a bit harder during the pandemic, so I've found some other ways to keep active instead- like teaching a Zumba class and exploring the south of England on my motorbike. In my less active moments I love baking, crochet and other crafty stuff.

I'm hoping the amount of cake I eat and the amount of dancing I do balances out! Through my business I've started a podcast called Pros and Comms, where I talk to people about their lives, careers, and what they've learned about communication. I'm just finishing up season 2 and I've spoken to some amazing people so far. It's been a blast! We're on Instagram @prosandcommspodcast.

Which season is your favourite in terms of getting closer to nature + why?

Caroline :I am happy to live in a country with 4 seasons, because every Season has its beauty. I love to watch the world becoming greener in spring, to jump into the lakes in summer, to make the leaves rustle in autumn and to go sledging in Winter. So I can't decide what season is the best for me.

Maaria: I love the natural world in Autumn because there's so much beautiful change going on. All the fantastic autumnal colours as the leaves change, the wildlife getting ready for the colder seasons and the crispness in the air as the weather cools. I also love the point where I can start putting on jumpers and getting cosy indoors.

Where is your favourite place that you feel the most connected with nature?

Caroline:I feel most connected to nature when i am standing on the top of a mountain and just hear the wind blow.

Maaria: I feel most connected to nature when I'm outdoors and amongst it. Whether that's hiking up mountains, walking through rain forests, or going camping in the countryside.

Where was the last place you went on holiday?

Caroline:It was Slovenia, where the picture was actually taken. I went there on my own without having a further plan. Had my backpack and my tent with me and ended up at a Lakeside campground. I loved it because it was easy to go around without a car and to be able to do different hikes from the camp. I found company when I wanted it and I had me time when I needed it.

Maaria: The last place I traveled to was Leeds and York for a weekend with friends. After not seeing each other for so long it was amazing to catch up and explore some of the fabulous cities we have in the UK.

Why did you choose this image? Why is it special to you?

Caroline: I chose this image because it was such a great moment. The animal was not interested in myself and also not afraid. I was just sitting in the grass and watched the mountain goat doing its thing.

Maaria: I love New Zealand. It's one of my favourite places in the world. I remember arriving in Queenstown, being surrounded by mountains and just feeling free, like I could breathe because there was so much space and beauty. This photo was taken at Hooker Lake in the Mount Cook National Park, and I just love it because you can feel the cold of the glacier through the colour of the water (although the ice bergs also give you a hint). The scenery is so massive and intense, so I love the contrast of the silliness with the person in the centre. That person is actually my mum, and it was so special to be able to visit such an amazing place with my family.

What do you like/love about Bon+Berg?

Caroline: I love the simplicity of the design.

Maaria: I love Bon+Berg because their mission is a no-brainer. Making clothes shouldn't cost the Earth (literally), so everything we can do to lessen our impact on the environment is a win for me!

Congratulations, once again to both of our amazing WINNERS and to anyone who took the time to enter our competition. We really loved seeing you all get out and about, sharing what makes you feel closer to nature and we were blown away by all of your wonderful entries. If you would like to get involved, learn more about the campaign here and be sure to follow us on Instagram.