The Bon+Berg Story

Siobhán started Bon+Berg in 2021 with the aim of designing comfortable, high-quality underwear that women would love putting on in the morning – bras and panties that allow you to feel beautiful and comfortable without harming the planet. 

The first thing you put on in the morning should make you feel good.

Small changes – as simple as your underwear you put on in the morning– can contribute to making the world a better place.

My hope is that as a brand we can increase awareness of the devastating impacts of fast fashion on both people and our precious ecosystems and that one day slow fashion will become the norm.

Despite everything we know about climate change and the environmental impacts of fast fashion, many garments are still being made in a way that is detrimental to our planet. We simply can’t afford to continue with business as usual.

Sustainability can mean so many different things. For us, it means minimising our impact on the environment and ensuring our garments are produced with respect for both the people who make them and the environment. 

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