The BON+BERG Story

Our mission is to inspire socially and environmentally responsible fashion starting from the very first layer you put on.

In 2020, BON+BERG set out not only to design high-quality undies and bras but to increase awareness of the environmental and social impacts of the fashion industry.

Our name is a reflection of our values. BON means 'good' in French. We aim to be good in as many ways as possible: comfortable, environmentally friendly, and ethical. BERG translates as 'mountain' in German. To our company, mountains are a symbol of strength, integrity, and nature.

We produce underwear with minimal impact on the environment and minimal waste. We also believe transparency and accountability are key to transforming the fashion industry. So, we’re inviting you to come with us on our journey. Together, let’s strive for a cleaner, more conscious future.

When Siobhán (also known as ‘Bon’ to her family and friends) decided to start the brand, her aim first and foremost was to design soft, comfortable underwear and bras using natural materials without all the bulky padding and underwire. The minimal designs of BON+BERG are a reflection of her own understated style.

When the idea first came about, Siobhán knew the products could only be made of sustainable materials and that each and every step along the supply chain should be considered.

She also wanted to use the brand as a way to spread awareness about climate change and the devastating impacts of fast fashion on the planet and a source of inspiration for those who would like to be more sustainable.

Much like climbing to the top of a mountain, achieving a more sustainable lifestyle requires commitment and can only be reached one small step at a time.

The values of BON+BERG are driven by Siobhán’s passion for nature and love of the mountains.