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Behind our #feelcloser2nature campaign

Check out our #feelcloser2nature campaign. Get involved by sharing how you feel closer to nature for a chance to win prizes!

January 12, 2022

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Last year, we launched our #feelcloser2nature campaign to find out exactly what makes YOU feel closer to nature. And to take a closer look at the positive impact nature and environmental wellbeing have on our daily lives.

Why #feelcloser2nature

Whether it's caring for your houseplants, drinking herbal tea in your garden at sunrise or spending your days off hiking up the mountains, we want to know about it. We believe that doing whatever makes us feel more connected with nature will give us even greater respect and appreciation for our planet.

What's it all about?

The aim of the campaign is to showcase YOUR photos. If you have passion for nature and love taking pics, why not share them with us using the hashtag #feelcloser2nature on Instagram. Our goal is to increase awareness of both nature and the importance of protecting it. Each individual image allow us to take a peek at what feeling closer to nature means to you through your own personal lens!

Beauty is in the details

As a brand, we understand the role and responsibility we have to the nature that surrounds us which is why we use MicroModal to manufacture our bras and undies. The MicroModal we use is made from wood pulp fibres from beech trees that are sustainably harvested. We firmly believe that when you wear our garments you’ll feel that little bit closer to nature! Just like in nature, the beauty is in the details.

If you would like to get involved why not grab you smartphone or camera and get creative. Share your favourite photograph and a small note for a chance to win prizes and be featured on our blog.

Show us what makes you #feelcloser2nature! Don't forget to follow us on Instagram.