3 great reasons you should try yoga this week

Looking to try something new? Why not check out Bon+Berg's top 3 reasons why you should try yoga and practice some self-care this autumn. 

Yoga has become increasingly popular over the past number of years and there is no denying why this practice has become so popular. Whether you're taking a yoga class with friends or joining an online session you can expect to reduce stress and improve focus, improve flexibility, and help promote self-care and wellness.

Yoga has been scientifically proven to enhance our well-being and enrich our lives which is why our team here at Bon+Berg wanted to share three great reasons to try it and help improve your lifestyle.

Reduces stress and helps you focus


Yoga practises are designed to promote relaxation for both the mind and body. The combination of physical poses and controlled breathing can help lower blood pressure and heart rate. Regularly practising it encourages us to default to a state of calm, rather than stress. Without worries consuming your mind and movement, you can begin to focus better and hone in on the things in life that truly matter.

Improves flexibility


Daily yoga practises require you to move your body in new ways. These unfamiliar methods of moving, stretch and build your muscle tissue while improving your flexibility over time.

Changes in flexibility won't happen instantly, it will take about three to six months of constant practice to experience increased flexibility. However, once these developments come into effect, you’ll start to feel less stiff and constricted in daily life.

Increased flexibility can also enhance your breathing and allow you to breathe much deeper. Better breathing promotes blood circulation and supports our internal organs. Flexibility is about more than movement; it's about supporting our entire existence.

Encourages self-care and wellness

Adopting yoga as part of your daily routine encourages you to think about how you care for yourselves in other areas of your life. Yoga prompts you to connect with your body, mind and soul in newfound ways. Understanding these elements will help inspire you to eat better, move your body more, and take time out to practice more self-care.

What to wear to yoga class?

When we practise yoga, we want to flow seamlessly with our bodies. We don't want to feel restricted by what we are wearing. Bon+Berg's seamless-feeling undergarments are ideal for your daily yoga routines.

Rhea Bralette


The Rhea Bralette is suitable for both underwear and outerwear. Glide through poses at home in the Rhea bralette, or add yoga pants and an exercise top for your group yoga class. The combination of Micromodal and elastane provides support, without any uncomfortable nips or tugs.

Selene Hipster


Slide on a pair of Selene Hipster Briefs with your Rhea Bralette as a comfy yoga set. The Selene's wide elastic waistband ensures your briefs will stay in place no matter how many downwards dogs your routine involves. Flatlock stitches create a seamless quality, giving you the feeling of ultimate freedom that you crave during a good yoga session.

Bon+Beg underwear is created using Micromodal, a lightweight and breathable natural fibre. This allows you to stay feeling fresh and dry throughout your session,  confident that your undergarments will absorb any unwanted moisture from perspiration while you exercise.

The Selene Hipster and Rhea Bralette are Bon+Berg's most popular pairing  and they will both allow you to feel safe and secure while diving deep into your next yoga class, trust us.

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