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How to create a minimalist underwear drawer with Bon+Berg

Do you want to minimise the environmental impact of your undergarments? Take a look at how you can create a minimalist underwear drawer that’s comfortable and kind to the planet. 

Do you want to minimise the environmental impact of your undergarments? Take a look at how you can create a minimalist underwear drawer that’s comfortable and kind to the planet. 

If there's one thing to get your knickers in a twist over, its the impact our underwear is having on the environment. Our fast fashion habits are polluting our oceans and the environment around us, one bikini brief at a time and according to Dr Beckmann, the average woman owns thirty-four pairs of underwear.

In this post, we will be uncovering the thinking behind our love for underwear purchases and sharing how you can create a more minimal collection with Bon+Berg.

Quality over quantity


I’ll be honest, when I invest in a new bra or underpants it is usually an impulse purchase while out and about shopping with friends. Spontaneously buying new underwear whenever the opportunity arises has led to me owning a drawer full of low-quality items. After a handful of wears and a few washes, these garments have already begun to lose shape, making them extremely disposable and harmful to the environment if disposed of incorrectly.

After realising how unsustainable my underwear drawer was, I decided to develop a quality over quantity approach moving forward. I have also taken a closer look at the cost per-wear which has been an eye-opener to say the least.

Now, when I need new underwear, I invest in a small number of high quality items like the super comfy Bon+Berg Selene Hipster or the Theia Bikini brief. Because of this new habit I now end up throwing away much less items while curating an environmentally-friendly collection that I can care for and love.

Donate unworn items


If you find that you have a drawer  packed full of new or unworn items that you don't really like or or maybe they were just forgotten about, then maybe it's time for a clear out. When sorting through your underwear drawer, take a look at what you can donate and always ensure that you only donate clean, brand new items only. Passing these perfectly good items on to someone else will not only help save them from ending up in landfill but it will also allow someone else to enjoy them.

Compost 100% cotton underwear


Investing in underwear that is made from 100% cotton has a number of benefits. Not only is cotton really comfortable, but it is also compostable too. Once you have finished wearing your beloved cotton briefs, you can simply toss them into your compost bin to decompose.

Composting your cotton underwear allows it to break down into smaller, earth-friendly components that do not harm the environment around them. This will safely re-introduce the fabric back into nature.

Repair your underwear


If you notice that some of your favourite undergarments are torn or damaged, do you take them off, throw them away and put a new pair on? Or, do you grab the sewing kit and try to repair them? The majority of us would not think twice about it and toss them to the side without even considering the impact this will have. Just like damaged or torn clothes, we can mend underwear to extend their lifespan and wear them for a little longer.

Comfort is key


It is so important that your underwear provides both comfort and sustainability. The products we create here at Bon+Berg are made from soft, breathable MicroModal and are long lasting. Both the Triangle Bra and Rhea Bralette are two items that not only offer the necessary support you need throughout your busy day to day life but also help protect the planet by reducing the need for fast fashion items. These garments have a long lifespan and are made of natural materials that do not harm the environment, two very important points to consider when curating a minimalist underwear drawer.

Our aim is to offer a selection of high-quality, comfortable undergarments that you will want to wear again and again. After experiencing an overflowing underwear drawer, full of items that didn’t fit or feel right, I now appreciate the comfort of well-fitting underwear so much more! My biggest piece of advice for creating a minimalist underwear drawer is to make sure you prioritise buying comfortable underwear!

Creating a minimalist underwear drawer means applying your existing sustainable shopping habits to how you shop for your undergarments. Rather than buying new items whenever the opportunity arises, plan to invest in fewer, better quality pieces that you will enjoy wearing and that will last a long time.

If you are like me, and are currently adopting these habits for the future and are in the process of sorting through your underwear drawer, these are the steps you can take to minimise this. Begin by saying goodbye to pants and bras you’ve never worn. Compost your well-worn 100% cotton briefs and dig out the sewing kit to mend before you spend. You’ll have a minimalist, planet-saving undie drawer in no time!

If you are serious about living a more sustainable lifestyle and learning more about slow fashion, then you might also be interested in our blog post 5 tips from our Bon and Berg team to help create a more sustainable wardrobeor if you would like to keep up to date on what's happening here at Bon and Berg click here to join our mailing list.

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Jasmine is a freelance writer and sustainable fashion enthusiast. After years of shopping in fast fashion stores and seeking out the latest trends, she discovered its quality, not quantity, that defines good fashion and style. She now curates a wardrobe she truly loves while staying true to her signature bright and bold style and channelling her love for fashion and eco-conscious ethos into her writing.

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